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Real Food to Cook Up the Real You

With a high school dropout past, to earning her BSBA college degree, Nancy knows what it what it takes to cook up a good life!  Nancy Stampahar is an inspirational catalyst for Full Body Lemon in Air Nancy Stampahar 0762  8 16 13 - Webchange with a tremendous zest for life.  Her love of food, easy cooking style, wit and passion for empowering people to live great lives will help you cook up a good life too.  With food being used as the vehicle to teach life skills, Nancy’s recipes will feed your soul, fill your belly and nourish your life. 

Now, on to the show!

Here’s an Ol’ Thyme Classic of Nancy Dishin’ Courage with an Oyster:

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An award-winning author and creator of high-energy videos that aired on The Rachael Ray Show and Oprah’s OWN network, Nancy’s most recent creation was the empowerment talk-cooking show, Life in Nancy’s Kitchen, debuted on the local volunteer station, MCA-TV, February, 2014. Her new delicious, motivational video, Life Cooks! is feeding souls and nourishing lives.

Nancy’s authentic and enthusiastic personality makes her one of today’s most dynamic women motivational speakers and workshop facilitators.  As and author of the award-winning, personal growth book Peace, Love and Lemonade: A Recipe to Make Your Life Sweeter, with over 15 years public speaking, consulting and training experience, her professional knowledge, personal wisdom and zest for life have helped thousands of people achieve positive results. Nancy genuinely cares about empowering people to live great lives. True to being the recipient of the Joe Ott Award, her personal life of volunteerism, mentoring disadvantaged kids and love for her late mentally-challenged brother fills her heart and touches the lives of those in need of compassion and love.

Get motivated with these delicious messages from Nancy:

Lobster  When your plate is too full, be a little “shellfish” and just say, “no”! It is okay, and tastes fabulous. Pineapple Upside CakeWhen your life turns upside down,look for the lessons and opportunities.Then, lift yourself back up!
Grilled Chicken Wrap SandwichSometimes in life, you want things to be all wrapped up and over with quickly. Sometimes, that is not possible. Patience and hope will carry you through…hang in there!

Beef Soup Simmering

When things get too heated, take a break, cool down and appreciate each others’ goodness.

Go for it…grab a big ol’ slice of life today! It tastes soooo good, especially with pizza! Life is like chocolate-covered strawberries. It is to be savored and enjoyed.





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